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Hi there. This is a new community. it's all about anything slightly mystical, exciting, and adventurous. If you like dragons,goblins, unicorns, faeries, harry potter,and things of that sort, please join.
I'll throw out questions from time to time so here are the first three.
Do you like pixies?
Have you read any dragons books? Be specific!
Have you read any harry potter books?

Have a nice day!
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I never met a Pixie I didn't like. Actually the only Pixie I ever knew was the little mouse named Pixie from Pixie and Dixie and Jinxy. I have a little sew on Pixie on my gray pants to cover up the hole I burned in them with a cigarette. Nothing mystical about that.
I read Stephen King's, Eyes of the Dragon. It was very un-Stephen King-like and was very good as well. I loved it. It was his attempt at a different kind of fantasy.
I have read all of the Harry Potter books and I am anxiously awaiting the next volumn.